The music of Ticvaniu Mare takes you on a stunning journey through different regions of Eastern Europe, in which the musical traditions of Roma and Yiddish culture have developed and co-mingled for many centuries. The versatile and multifaceted music is on a constant search just like its creators.

It tells a story of nomads, peoples who were always strangers in the lands in which they found themselves. Long before national borders, their music and their dances represented an essential communion with life and a strong bond between people.

Beautiful melodies whose passion is capable of taking its listeners into a dream world. A world in which the ecstasy of dance makes you forget to sleep, and tears of melancholy comfort the soul. As warming and existential as “palinka” — homemade vodka made from the fruits of the garden. Through their original arrangements, Ticvaniu Mare faithfully revives these authentic regional styles.




Tour dates

2018-02-24 Hangar 49 - Berlin
2017-09-30 Kultstätte Keller - Berlin (22:00)
2017-09-15 – 2017-09-17 Landshut Spektakel Festival
2017-09-01 – 2017-09-03 Folklorum Festival
2017-07-28 – 2017-07-29 Festival der Kulturen 2017 - Augsburg
2017-07-06 – 2017-07-09 Rudolstadt Festival
2017-07-02 Bergmannstrassenfest (16:30)
2017-06-25 Sisyphos - Berlin
2017-06-03 Karneval der Kulturen - Berlin (20:30)
2017-05-17 Rummels Bucht - Berlin (20:00)
2017-03-11 Artistania - Berlin
2017-02-11 Zanjabil - Berlin
2017-01-02 Sisyphos - Berlin (01:00)
2016-09-16 Artistania - Berlin
2016-06-03 Artistania - Berlin
2016-03-10 Badehaus Szimpla - Berlin (19:00)
2016-02-05 Café Fincan - Berlin (20:30)
2016-01-15 Cafe Engels - Berlin (20:30)
2015-12-03 Vavien - Berlin (20:30)


Ticvaniu Mare is a six-member brass band from Berlin with musicians from different cultural roots and musical backgrounds.


Feel like diving in and experiencing the musical journey yourself? Concerts, parties and weddingsTicvaniu Mare will make any event memorable.  (+49) 157 702 918 05 (Momo)

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